As a consultant Chris Molephoto2continues to work with managers to support them to reflect on their practice. He is interested in questions of organisational stability and change, evaluation and strategy and focuses in particular on how teams work with uncertainty. He has also mentored directors and CEOs. Chris has worked with a number of leadership teams and boards to help unblock stuck practice, or negotiate conflict. He has a diploma from the Institute of Group Analysis and is a skilled worker with groups with more than 25 years’ experience.

He has worked extensively in the public sector with the NHS, the Department for International Development, the British Council, the UN,  Oxford University and IFAD. In addition he has worked for many years in international development with many leading INGOs such as Oxfam, Oxfam International, Save the Children UK, WaterAid, ActionAid, Practical Action, Action on Disability and Development (ADD), Health Poverty Action and many more. In doing so he has worked in many countries particularly in the developing world.

Chris is currently Professor of Complexity and Management at Hertfordshire Business School, and directs the Doctor of Management (DMan) programme there.  The DMan is a professional doctorate where students are encouraged to focus on practical organisational problems which arise for them in the workplace and which matter to them. He also teaches on the MBA programme and the research methods training programme for postgraduate researchers. He has been invited to teach and lecture at the Copenhagen Business School, the Open University in the Netherlands, Aalborg University in Denmark, ZHAW in Zurich and he has given a variety of guest lectures at SOAS, McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, the University of Southern Denmark, Nyenrode University the Netherlands, and the University of San Jose in Costa Rica.

Alongside a number of articles in journals Chris published Rethinking Management (Gower) in 2011 and Managing in Uncertainty (Routledge) in 2015.

Contact Chris at

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