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This site draws on  both the natural and social sciences to enquire into stability and change in organisations. The posts will take a particular interest in uncertainty, non-linearity and the way that power relations, recognition and communicative interaction contribute to the regular irregularity of organisational life. By doing so it will set out a critical view of contemporary management theory, which is mostly predicated on ideas of predictability and control.

There is  an open invitation to people working in organisations, or other academics to contribute to this site who are also interested in exploring similar themes.

The site is moderated by Professor Chris Mowles, who teaches on the Doctorate of Management at the  University of Hertfordshire and is also a practising consultant. The narratives are often anonymised accounts of Chris’s work, and of others who contribute to the site. If you would like to contribute to the site or contact Chris he can be reached on chris@redkitepartners.co.uk or c.mowles@herts.ac.uk .


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  3. Nigel Thomas

    Just thought I’d say hi, having been pointed to your blog by a comment from Chris Rodgers on Linkedin. Chris R and I were at school together from 5-18. Chris M and I were sharing an office in Oxford when John Smith died and we heard the news that young T Blair was the frightful anointed.

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